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Controller vocabulary 
Start time - The time a zone or group of zones will begin.
Runtime - The length of time a zone will run for.

Program - two meanings

1. Zones that have been grouped together that will operate in sequence thus allowing for different parts of the yard to be watered at different times.

2. The term “program” is also used as a verb (I will program my controller).

Rain sensor bypass - A switch on your controller that will allow you to override the rain sensor to allow for watering if the sensor is activated. Sensors can be both wired and wireless.

Seasonal adjust - A setting on your controller that will allow you to increase and decrease watering run times to compensate for sudden weather changes. This is a quick adjustment and should not be used for long term programming. Consult your manual for specific information about your seasonal adjust setting and how it will effect your current program settings.
GFI - (ground fault interrupter) Small reset switches on electrical outlets that are located in potentially wet locations. Note: Not every outlet that is protected has its own reset switch, the outlet with the reset switch may be across the room.
Zone - Also called circuit or stations, a grouping of heads that run at the same time. Zones are necessary to separate different watering requirements and because the water source rarely meets the requirement to operate all of the heads at the same time. The more zones that you have, the better control you will have over your system.

Well recovery - Also called yield, it refers to how much water your well produces. On average a well will produce 5 gallons of water per minute.