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Opening your system yourself
Follow these steps AFTER performing steps 1 and 2 as detailed here.
We strongly recommend that you have your system professionally tested every year. If you would like to get your system running in the meantime, follow the instructions below.
Step Three:

Open the closed valve slowly. You will have one of the two devices pictured here. When the valves are open, the handles will be in line with the pipe. (Please see the images for examples of the open and closed valve positions)  It is normal for some water to spill out of the device. You will hear a rush of water that should eventually stop. 
In some cases, the testports on your backflow may have been left open during winterization to prevent freeze damage. You will need to close these by using a flat head screwdriver to turn the screws 1/4 turn in either direction.
You now have water to your solenoid valves. Proceed with the following steps:

1. Check and clean filter (if you have one)

2. Inspect valve boxes for leaks and for solenoid valves that may have been left open 
    during winterization. 

3. Inspect the backflow device for leaks and drips. While the system is not in operation,
    you should not hear the sound of water running at the backflow device.

4. Using the controller, run each zone for a few minutes. Check for head adjustment
    and leaks.

5. Check the control program. Adjust the time if necessary. 

If you are experiencing any problems with the system, please refer to troubleshooting. Remember, this only gets your system running. Your system should be inspected by a qualified service technician.