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Low water pressure
Possible cause:

Clogged Filter

What to do: Click here for instructions on how to clean your filter

Possible cause:

Well running out of water

A good sprinkler system is designed to operate on your specific well. Several situations can occur that can cause your system to run out of water. The first indication that your well is running out of water is low water pressure and water overflowing out of the top of the backflow prevention device. Don’t worry. Your well will recover. The supply has not kept up with the demand.

What to do:
1. Shut off the sprinkler main valve. 
2. Do not run any water in the house for at least half an hour. 

The situation may have been caused by the following conditions: 

1. Improper control settings 
2. Two or more valves running at the same time. 
3. You may have a leak. 
4. Drought conditions may have lowered the water table in your area. You can reduce the demand by adding multiple programs, zone delays or reducing nozzle sizes