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Protecting your backflow
If freezing weather arrives before we do, you are able to protect your backflow from freeze damage by following the intructions below.
In the event of freezing weather

If we should receive freezing weather before your system is winterized, it is important to protect your backflow prevention device and filter (if you have a filter). You may have one of the device listed below. 
Boiler drain valve
Boiler drain valve
Step one:
Shut the water off in the basement. (click here for a picture of the sprinkler main valve in the "off" position)

Step two:
Open the boiler drain valve

Step three:
For extra protection, cover the backflow device with a heavy tarp or blanket.

A Campbell filter can be drained by simply opening the ball valve.
A Netafim filter can be drained by opening it. Remember, the water must be off and the pressure drained.