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System will not run at all
What to do:
Has it rained lately
rain sensor will keep your system off for days after it has rained. To see of the rain sensor is the problem, locate the rain sensor bypass switch . Most rain sensors are adjustable for length of cut off as well as amount of rainfall.

Have you had any work done lately?
Sometimes other contractors may have interfered with your systems operation. Interference may be by means of the control or shutoff valves at the backflow device. Control wires may have been severed by excavation. Likely suspects for system interference are painters, lawn crew, landscapers, CATV or even a neighbor.

Pump/master valve
If you have a pump or master valve, they will have to be programmed to run at your controller.

The first thing to look for is a leak. You may or may not see it right away. In lawns with thick sod, it may take some time for a leak to appear. It may show itself as a water bubble. You can listen for the sound of running water at the backflow prevention device.