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System will not stop running
Sometimes one or more zones may run at the same time.  

1. Turn the Controller off and check the settings. 
2. Go to the Backflow Device and shut the system off there. Usually it will have two shut off valves. 
3. If it is not possible to shut the system off at the backflow, turn the sprinkler main valve off in the basement.

Possible causes:

1. If this is the first time that your system is running this year, it is possible that a Manual Valve Bleeder (A screw or lever located on your solenoid valve that allows us to operate the system from the outside) was left on during winterization. If this is the case, simply locate the Valve Box containing the Solenoid Valve and shut the Manual Valve Bleeder off. 

Click here to see manual bleeder locations 

2. One of the most common causes of non-stop water is incorrect controller program settings. If this is the case, the system will stop watering when the control is shut off or unplugged. See below for common programming errors.

3. A valve Solenoid may have shorted. This has been a recent trouble with Weathermatic Solenoid Valve. In this case, you will need to call for service.

4. There may be debris in the Solenoid Valve. In this case the Solenoid Valve must be disassembled and the debris must be flushed from the system.

5. There may be damage to the control wire. If you have had some work done in the yard lately, it is possible that some of the wires have been crossed by chafing.

6. If all zones are running at the same time and the Manual Bleeders are not the problem, you may be experiencing a complete valve failure. This problem is usually associated with Toro Flo Pro Solenoid Valve. In this instance, we recommend that the Solenoid Valves be replaced.

Common Programming Errors:

1. Too many start times – Most Controllers offer many start times. If you only want to water one time per day, you only require one start times. Most controllers stack program information.

2. Overlapping programs– Many controllers offer up to four programs. It is important realize that these programs will run concurrently. If a zone has a run time, a start time and a day to water, it will water regardless of what position you left the controller in. Programs allow us to water different parts of the yard on different schedules.

3. Run times set to hours– Most controllers give the option of watering for minutes or hours.

4. Seasonal adjust– Be sure the seasonal adjust is at 100%