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Total Care
Our total care service agreement is a prepaid service package that includes your spring start-up service, a mid-season summer inspection, and sprinkler winterization in the fall. It also includes a warranty that covers system components that fail due to normal wear and tear and a 15% discount on invoices paid within 10 days!
What is Covered: 

The following items will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge, if they are found to be inoperable due to normal use or wear: Backflow prevention device, control device, rain sensor, any dedicated irrigation piping, all sprinkler heads, control valves and wire.

Services Included:

1. Priority Spring inspection, adjustments, replacement of covered parts. 
2. Same service as above in early to mid summer. 
3. Priority Winterization in the fall. You will be notified by mail or email to turn water off. 
4. A 15% discount for any irrigation service items or labor not covered by this agreement.

What is Not Covered:

Any sprinkler component damaged by tools, equipment, misuse, and extreme act of God. Items will not be covered if they are damaged by electrical surges, fire, flood, ice, wind, falling trees, freeze damage, etc. Pro feeder devices will not be covered.


1. Only one control and backflow preventer will be covered in this agreement period. 
2. No vandalism of any kind will be covered. 
3. Water filter elements are not included. 
4. Water pumps and relays are not included.
5. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the regular service rate will apply to all labor in excess of five man-hours per contract service period. Service calls will be limited to five without additional charge. 
6. To receive the 15% discount for additional services, payment must be received within ten days. This discount applies to service work only. The discount does not apply to additions or renovations due to construction. 
7. This agreement applies only to components installed by the company. 
8. Major changes in system layout are not included in this agreement. 
9. Sprinkler equipment determined to be damaged by water pressure in excess of 90 PSI will not be covered.

Total care is transferrable to a new homeowner but not refundable.

To be eligible for total care, your system must have been maintained by the company within the last year. Pre-existing damage will not be covered.