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Preparing for winterization
Follow the steps below to prepare your system for winterization. If we should receive freezing weather before your system has been winterized, click here for instructions on how to protect your backflow.
We will leave written confirmation when we have completed this service. Unless otherwise notified, you need not be home to receive this service. There will be a 25% service charge for the return trip if your sprinkler main valve is not shut off by October 1st. 

If you would like to be winterized later, please provide us with a shut off date. Your system will be winterized after that date. 

Winterization will prevent damage to your sprinkler system. Since Grass Helper Lawn Care Inc. has no control over when your system is activated; we cannot be responsible for any freeze damage. Never enable your sprinkler system before the middle of April. If we should receive freezing temperatures before your system is winterized, it is advised that you protect your backflow prevention device.
Follow these steps to prepare for winterization
Step one:
Shut the sprinkler main valve off. The valve is shut off when the valve handle is perpendicular to the pipe as it is shown. The valve should be marked with an orange tag.
Water is on
Water is off
Step two:
Unplug the controller and remove the backup battery (if present).
This is all that is required for us to winterize your sprinkler system. Usually we can take care of the rest of the job from the outisde. If we need further access, you will be contacted. When we complete your winterization, we will leave a pink notice on your front door.