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System components
Below are some of the components that you will commonly interact with.
Controller - Also called the clock. The controller is the computer that operates the system. It is usually installed in the garage, but may be located outside as well.

Click here for some controller vocabulary
Sprinkler Main Valve - The main shut off valve for the sprinkler system. This valve is usually located near the water meter or well tank. It ill either be a ball valve or a gate valve.

Gate valve - This valve will have a round handle on the top that will turn several revolutions. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.
Boiler drain valve - (bdv) A brass valve with a hose connection. On most sprinkler systems the bdv is on the backflow prevention device. It is used for draining the system in the winter. It can also be used for a water source during the watering season.

Backflow prevention device - A brass device that is usually installed outside the house that keep contaminated water from entering your drinking water.

Ball valve on                         Ball valve off
Test port - A part of a backflow prevention device used for testing the unit.

Spray head - also called misters. These heads spray a fixed pattern and are used for covering shrubs, beds and small strips of grass. Spray heads spray up to 15 feet and get the job done in no more than ten minutes.  

Rotor head - Rotor heads are gear driven heads that spray a single stream. The heads rotate by means of internal gears. Rotor heads cover large turf areas and are spaced about 35 feet apart. On residential systems these heads usually put out 1 to 3 gallons per minute and usually run for about 30 minutes.

Drip tube - Subsurface irrigation. Usually used in beds and strips of grass. Drip tubing is the most efficient means of irrigation.

Valve box - A green box located in a central area of your yard that contains solenoid valves
Manual valve bleeder - A screw or lever located on your solenoid valve that allows us to operate the system from the outside. 
Solenoid valve - The on/off valve that is activated by your controller. This valve turns zones of heads on and off. The solendoid is the electronic part of the valve.

Rain sensor - A device that will delay watering after a period of rainfall. The sensor is usually located on the roof. 

Wireless rain sensor - A rain sensor that operates wirelessly. It is comprised of a sensor and a receiver. 
Control wire - The wire that runs from the controller to the solenoid valves. Usually this is a multi conductor wire with a black coating.