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Our 2024 service agreement
Select which services you would like us to provide by filling out the form below
All labor will be billed at a rate of 
$140.00  plus tax, per man hour. 

One hour minimum charge for any service call. 
This includes spring inspection.

Terms: Net 30 days
Schedule me for a spring start up of my lawn sprinkler system. This includes an inspection of the system components, adjustments and replacement of defective parts. This service will be billed hourly. The cost will be determined by the size of the job and extent of the repairs needed. This service is usually performed end April through June. You will be contacted for an appointment approximately three days before the service is rendered.
Please include me on the automatic winterization list. Please have the water to your sprinkler system shut off no later than October 1st. You will be reminded by e-mail or postcard. You will receive confirmation of winterization after services have been rendered. You will be billed upon completion.
Winterization is billed at a flat rate and pricing depends on the size and needs of your system. Please contact our office for your individual rate.
I (property owner) will call for services on an as needed basis. I agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. For service call 860-844-0004. You must submit this form to receive any service work. There is a one hour minimum charge for all service calls
Backflow testing- Your backflow device protects your potable water from contamination. The cost for each test is $75.00 plus tax, parts not included. Minor repairs will be made at the time of the test. If major repairs are needed, you will be contacted with an estimate.

This test is required annually for all customers, except those that utilize a private well to supply water to the system. The test is a suggested service for customers utilizing private wells. 
Additional information:
Our ''Total Care Service Program'' includes priority scheduling, a spring inspection, mid season inspection, and fall winterization. All of the covered defective parts will be replaced at no additional charge. Additionally, there is a 15% discount for all parts and services that are not covered. You must prepay for this service, and the registration deadline is April 15th. Eligible systems were installed by Grass Helper, and serviced by us during the past season. 
For eligibility and pricing, please contact our office at 860-844-0004 or by email.
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