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Featured Products
FX Luminaire Luxor landscape lighting transformer

 The best of the best in landscape lighting technology. This controller puts the icing on the cake. At first glance, you may decide that it is just too much. Once you see it in action, you will absolute love it. Our recommendation for our customers is to start with fewer fixtures to offset the cost of this sophisticated equipment. You can always build your lighting system in phases. The first step in designing you lighting system is to decide if you want zoning, dimming and color changing capability. This capability determines the type of equipment that will be installed as well as the design.

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Hydrawise Pro HC Sprinkler controller
Take a look at the controller that just turned your current controller into an antique. The ProHC is the most exciting irrigation product that we have ever seen. It is loaded with convenience features but the best part is its intelligence. It knows the weather and will adjust your system accordingly. The Pro HC can detect electrical and flow issues and send you an alert. This controller will pay for itself in savings.
HPC Face Panel
Convert your existing Hunter Pro C into the Hydrawise "smart" controller listed above. The Pro-C controller must be a 4 station base manufactured after March 2014. The mfg date in stamped in the battery compartment on the back door of the face plate. 
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HC Meter
Add a HC meter to your Hydrawise controller to unlock the benefits of monitoring the flow of your system. The meter will keep track of how much water is used. If there is any change in the flow or an unscheduled flow, Hydrawise will send you an alert. This meter requires 2 wires to be run to the controller. Can be installed inside or outside.