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Terms and conditions of all service
The terms and conditions of this agreement apply to any and all service performed throughout the service period unless there is a separate written estimate for a specific task, such as zone additions. 

In this agreement Grass Helper Lawn Care, Inc., its employees and sub contractors will be known as "the Company". The person or residence receiving the work will be known as "I, Me, or Owner". 

Limitation of Liability 
The company shall be insured for workers compensation and liability at all times. Proof of insurance is available upon request. The liability of the company to the customer for damages of any cause whatsoever and regardless of the form of action, shall be limited to the actual cost of replacement or repair. This limitation of liability will apply to claims of personal injury or damage to real property or tangible personal property caused by the company's negligence. 

Right to Cancel 
Either party may cancel this agreement within 72 hours of its signing. After 72 hours the customer may cancel the agreement at any time with 72 hours notice by sending a written letter of cancellation to the mailing address on the front of this agreement. The cancellation letter must be sent by certified mail to insure that both parties are aware of the action. This does not apply if the customer calls for immediate on­site service. 

Terms of Payment 
The payment terms and rates are printed on the front of this form. All overdue accounts will be subject to a service charge of .015% per month (18%APR). The owner will also be held liable for the payment of collection fees including but not limited to liens, attorney fees, sheriff fees and court fees. Sales tax is not included in any hourly rates and will be charged accordingly. 

The company will not be held liable for any personal injury or property damage caused by improper system activation by the owner. This includes activation during freezing weather. Since the company has no control over system activation, the company shall not be held responsible for freeze damage to the system. Company will not be liable for freeze damage to pool/pond fill devices. The winterization process begins October 1 st and usually ends at the end of November. There will be no set appointment time, unless required.

Damage due to high water pressure
Sprinkler equipment determined to be damaged by water pressure in excess of 90 PSI will not be covered by warranty or Total Care.

The company will determine the price of all parts used. 

The company reserves the right to impose a surcharge not to exceed $5 per service call if gas and/or diesel prices exceed $5.00 per gallon at our fueling location. 

The company reserves the right to charge for travel time either to or from the job for any service call. A) more than 25 miles from our base. B) For any set appointments in which to the customer fails to provide access to the system or is otherwise unavailable for any set appointment. 

There is a minimum 1 hour charge for any service call

Total care service package terms and conditions

What is Covered: 

The following items will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge, if they are found to be inoperable due to normal use or wear: Backflow prevention device, control device, rain sensor, any dedicated irrigation piping, all sprinkler heads, control valves and wire.

Services Included:​

1. Priority Spring inspection, adjustments, replacement of covered parts. 
2. Same service as above in early to mid summer. 
3. Priority Winterization in the fall. You will be notified by mail or email to turn water off. 
4. A 15% discount for any irrigation service items or labor not covered by this agreement.

What is Not Covered:

Any sprinkler component damaged in any way, this includes but is not limited to damage caused by animals, tools, equipment, misuse, and extreme act of God. Items will not be covered if they are damaged by electrical surges, fire, flood, ice, wind, falling trees, freeze damage, etc. Pro feeder devices will not be covered.


1. Only one control and backflow preventer will be covered in this agreement period. 
2. No vandalism of any kind will be covered. 
3. Water filter elements are not included. 
4. Water pumps and relays are not included.
5. Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the regular service rate will apply to all labor in excess of five man-hours per contract service period. Service calls will be limited to five without additional charge. 
6. To receive the 15% discount for additional services, payment must be received within ten days. This discount applies to service work only. The discount does not apply to additions or renovations due to construction. 
7. This agreement applies only to components installed by the company. 
8. Major changes in system layout are not included in this agreement. 
9. Sprinkler equipment determined to be damaged by water pressure in excess of 90 PSI will not be covered.

Total care is transferrable to a new homeowner but not refundable.

To be eligible for total care, your system must have been maintained by the company within the last year. Pre-existing damage will not be covered.

Labor rate is
$140.00 per hour