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Landscape Lighting
What makes a great lighting system?

The design of the system is critical. It is more than just placing products around the yard. Its about an understanding of how the product works and knowing what will create a beautiful scene for your project. We view the design process as setting the stage for the nights performance.

New lighting products are coming out all of the timeNot all are created equally. We have found that you get what you pay for. What good is a low cost fixture that needs to be frequently replaced. Cheap LED bulbs may last longer than halogen bulbs, but they degrade quickly. Lets do this right the first time. 

What sense does it make to install a quality fixture that requires constant maintenance? We see it all of the time. Spot lights knocked over. Pathway lights leaning. Wires poorly spliced or barley scratched into the ground. Most contractors install fixtures on a plastic ground stake. Our preferred method includes wires run in conduit, safe from the reach of chewing critters. Fixtures installed on a 2 x 18 inch post with a die cast aluminum mounting cap. Area lights are reinforced with concrete. Wire splices are tight and waterproof.  
Forget everything that you know about outdoor lighting. The future is here. Explore the unlimited possibilities of today's revolutionary products. Our top quality fixtures come in variety of finish options and are equipped with highly efficient LED bulbs. Most fixtures use only 5 watts and the bulbs are rated for 40000 hours. That is more than 20 years of use! We have installed entire systems that use less energy than a single Edison light bulb.

You can choose from a basic on/off system or a system that will give you complete zoning and dimming capability for each fixture. Either way, you will see your landscape in a whole new light. 
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