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Sprinkler terminology
Backflow preventor- A brass device, usually outside on the side of the house, installed to keep contaminated water from entering the potable water.

Controller- The computer that runs your system.

Head- Spray heads cover small areas, rotor heads spray a stream of water that usually cover a 30 foot radius.

Solenoid valve- an electronic valve that controls a group of heads, activated by the controller. These valves are located in green boxes outside.

Zone/Station- A group of heads that are plumbed together and run at the same time.

Program- A group of zones that are "programmed" to run on the same schedule.
Routine service calls such as head adjustments and replacement can usually be done without indoor access. These calls and can be responded to faster because they can easily be added on at the end of the day or if there is a sudden cancellation. Generally a text or email is sent when the tech is dispatched
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